Expediting the Endgame

The term endgame arose in chess to isolate strategies the player can memorize and use to maximize her chance of winning. It isn’t some special mode where the rules of the game change. It’s just a mental model that’s easier to study, memorize, and master due to the fact that fewer pieces remain.

The Future of Gaming: Faster Horse, or Clever Crossbreed?

The future of gaming isn't VR or cloud gaming. It'll be a multimodal local experience that you wear to motivate healthy living.

Kids Can Create

Everyone can create! …But why don’t they? There’s something missing. It’s not ability, and certainly not creativity. What's missing is motivation, tools, and environment.

What Makes a Good Character?

A character is memorable if it's impactful, relatable, multi-dimensional, visually distinct, representative, and ubiquitous.