Reiko Suzukaze

A bit cold at first, but a good friend after warming up to you. A bit bossy, but only with the best intentions. Reads & studies hard behind the scenes, so that her display of knowledge and facility with magic seems effortless on the surface. Cool, fashionable, makes strategy & study seem cool. Comes from a Japanese family; her younger brother is a student of the Spirit House.


Knowledge is half the battle. Learning to understand. Books build imagination. Traveling to worlds foreign to our own, seeing through eyes of other people. Even for skills that come naturally, can hit one’s ceiling only through diligent practice, study, and repetition - “reading” Strategic side to battling: Not just brute force, but thinking through options, “reading” the opponent like a book. Know his thoughts, trends. Books just a symbol of the process of learning. They record information & knowledge from others. Books are also gateway to other worlds: era, perspective, place.

Reiko Suzukaze

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