Fy Tyson

Passionate sports fan aiming to be a pro Honmon battler. Uber-competitive and easily provoked, but also fiercely loyal to Leaf and Sizzlizz. Goal: Win the Honmon School Series and captain the Flammeria Flames!


The value of a dream isn’t in its eventual accomplishment, but in the pursuit, the journey. The journey > The result Dreams are never “crushed” - they are only modified, modulated. Dreams never die. Never let others tell you that a dream is not possible, or unlikely. Even if dreams require forces or outcomes beyond our control, like an external evaluation (joining a particular sports team or league, winning an election, entering a certain company), chase the portion separable from outside influence. Find a different publisher, start your own competitor, keep improving. Don’t pound down the front door; find a side entrance. Creativity prevails. Be what you want to be, and do what you want to do. Nobody can stop you. Believe in yourself, and greet obstacles as the opportunity to learn & overcome. Competition as a stage, a platform, a component of dreams. The notion of a “winner” is not a declaration of superiority, but a goal to inspire action. Always try to win, but don’t let the outcome cloud your journey. Battle is a touchstone, a chance to measure yourself with a realistic barometer, accelerate improvement.

Fy Tyson

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