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What It'll Take to Build the City of the Future

Slumber Party: Defending Your Sleep against Society

In an RPG, your enemies try to take your health from you. In real life, they take away from your sleep. It’s a battle against peer pressure, with very strong peers — and often, a boss. To overcome that pressure, draw from how you win in RPGs.
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Why Read Physical Books?

I'm often asked why I still read physical books. They consume space, they're heavy to move around, dogeared, and unsearchable. I answer why!

The Future of Gaming: Faster Horse, or Clever Crossbreed?

The future of gaming isn't VR or cloud gaming. It'll be a multimodal local experience that you wear to motivate healthy living.

Book Review: Why We Sleep

Learn the science behind sleep: why we need it, and how it helps us.

Book Review: The Wisdom of Walt

Self-help and life lessons masquerading as a Disneyland history lesson!